Wednesday, May 6, 2015

Water Marble and Glitter

It hit me, the other day, that I haven't done a water marble in quite some time. So when a day came that I had plenty of time to do one, I decided to go for it! I know they're time consuming and a little annoying but I LOVE THEM! Well, after my indecisive nature kicked in and I finally chose the polishes I wanted to marble with, I didn't have all that much time left. I still reeeeally wanted to water marble so I settled on some water marble accent nails, instead.

The marbling is done in Sally Hansen Black Heart, Sally Hansen Celeb City, and Hard Candy Bitty Blue. I also used Bitty Blue on my pinky and thumb. The glitter on my ring finger is Nina Ultra Pro Sapphired Up which could not match more perfectly. I used three coats and the silver base looks almost identical to Celeb City.

This makes me want to do more water marbling so badly! I think I need to make time for that very soon!

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