Tuesday, May 19, 2015

Neon Waterfall

I was hanging out with my amazing sister-in-law the other day. She lives out of state and we don't get to see each other all that much. We watched movies, and I did her nails. I really do just adore that woman! It's always such a treat to see her!

After I did her nails, I wanted to do mine. I didn't want to spend too long doing them so I knew right away I wanted to do a super-quick waterfall design. I just had to pick a color to start with! Well, Tracy made that decision for me. :)

She chose Nina Ultra Pro Pearly Brights. This is probably my favorite neon polish right now. It's an ultra bright coral with a gorgeous pearly glow! I may or may not have (yeah, I did) forget to put down a white base coat. Not for brightness, Pearly Brights is plenty bright on its own, but I could have used it for opacity. The one issue I have with this color is the opacity. This photo is three coats and there is still a clear VNL. I can deal with it, though.

The colors I used for the waterfall are Sally Hansen Lively Lilac, Cult Nails Dazed, and Cult Nails Lime light.

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