Saturday, June 14, 2014


One show that I am a huge fan of is How I Met Your Mother. There is one specific episode where the characters are all pointing out odd flaws or "gaps in knowledge" in each other. Ted's is his mispronunciation of the word chameleon. He is teaching his architecture class and says "Cham-ah-Leon." That always tickles my funny bone.

Every time I see that episode, I think of one of my favorite green polishes, Ulta Chameleon. It's such a fun color and makes a great base for fun designs. Splatter mani, anyone?

So, after starting with Chameleon as my base color, I splattered on some Sally Hansen Man-go Team! and Wet n Wild Lavender Cream. I love the way that these colors work together; especially how Man-go Team! brings out the golden-orange shimmer in Chameleon. Pretty and funky!

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