Monday, June 2, 2014

Neon Fiery French

Being that it's summery out, I naturally gravitate toward bright colors. Be it my makeup, clothes, jewelry, or nail polish; I can't get enough. So, I was eyeballing my neon Funky Fingers polishes and I HAD to use them. I thought a French manicure would be fun using them but I couldn't do something quite that simple...

I decided to do a fun dry marble with my neons as the tips. I started with Funky Fingers Little Miss Sunshine as the base. It's a color changing polish but that's not why I used it. I just really like the pearly white finish against the neon pop. The neons I used (from pinky to thumb) are Highlighter, Like Clockwork, Atomic Poppy, Aloha!, and Power Play. 

I LOVE THIS DESIGN! Hubby liked the way that it looked like fire and so do I!

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