Thursday, February 6, 2014

V-Day #4

It's been a very emotional and stressful week for me and, apparently, that makes my nails very brittle. I kept getting tiny little chips in my nails all week. Then, I had THREE bad breaks in one day! Ugh. Well, I only had one on my left hand (the one you guys see) and it wasn't terrible. It was just enough that I had to trim all of my nails down. The other two, on my right hand were terrible. Lame!


Well known fact : I love polka dots. So, when the overwhelming urge to do polka dot nails came over me, I contemplated just doing them in pink and red and calling that a V-Day mani. I convinced myself that I could make a fun twist on polka dots for Valentine's Day and I think I did just that!

I started with ORLY Fancy Fucshia (which my camera hates) as my base color and went ahead and top coated it and let it dry. Then, I did a polka dot design with my dotting tool in L'oreal Too Dimensional? on all of my nails. (Too Dimensional? is the second polish I bought from L'oreal's new Gold Dust textured line. I LOVE IT!) After I made all of my polka dots, I chose a random dot on each nail and turned it into a little heart, again, using my dotting tool. I wanted to keep the matte/texture finish of Too Dimensional? so I didn't top coat. 

I got a lot of compliments on this look and I'm glad people liked it because I love it!

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