Monday, February 3, 2014

V-Day #2

I love Valentine's Day so much! I'm a hopeless romantic; you know the type. I love getting flowers, leaving cheesy notes for hubby, surprising him with gifts here and there, getting surprises... That's why Valentine's Day is probably my second-most favorite holiday. All of the sappy things I love to do that usually make people scrunch their faces in disgust (or maybe jealousy, ha ha) are perfectly acceptable on V-Day! That's why I'm doing nothing but Valentine's Day nails until the 14th!

Today's design is a little more on the simpler side...

For this design, I only used two nail polishes; Pure Ice Pretty in Pink (on my ring finger, pinky, and thumb) and BK Matt White (for stamping). The design on my pinky is stamped from BM-411 and the glitter on my middle and index fingers is just a loose glitter from the craft store. 

To attach the glitter (and for easy removal later) I painted my nails with all-purpose glue, shook the glitter onto my nails, and patted the glitter down with a large, soft paintbrush. Once the glue had mostly dried, I brushed the excess glitter off with the same paintbrush. To prevent glitter from falling off, I used a thick coat of Seche Vite. Loose glitter (especially one this coarse) is very thirsty so, even with top coat, you will not get a smooth finish. For me, that's fine because it actually feels like a textured polish. If you want a smooth finish, you'll need a few coats or a very thick top coat. 

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