Wednesday, November 28, 2012

It's my first blog post!

Yay! I'm really excited to be starting my first blog! The idea basically came from other people. I've had several people suggest that I post videos or photos online of the different manicures I do. I love trying new things with my nails including creative designs or nail art. I also get bored with my nails very quickly so I change them often. I try to keep them the same for about a week, depending on how much I love the color. 

On to the actual manicure post. I should start off with the fact that I am obsessed with OPI. It's rare that they put out a color that I don't love. Every time they release a new collection, I go nuts. Their newest collection, Skyfall, is amazing. The colors are TO DIE FOR! So, today I am wearing Tomorrow Never Dies. 
This shade is a gorgeous purple/blue shimmer. If you look close enough from the right angle, you can see the tiniest flecks of pinkish shimmer.

My camera doesn't handle purples very well so these photos aren't doing this color justice. I would have taken daylight photos but it's dark outside. It's more on the purple side in person. Regardless, I love this color. Hopefully, I can keep it on for more than a day before I cover it in glitter or stamp over it. We shall see...

So, thanks for visiting my new blog! I can't wait until my next post! Until then... NIGHTIES!!! *Muah!*

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