Thursday, November 29, 2012

A little sparkle.

What a long day. I got a lot accomplished, though, so it was a good one. I did a lot with my hands so, naturally, I got a few dings in my nail polish. I didn't want to completely redo them, though. I love this color and I don't own it. Well, nothing covers imperfections and girlies things up quite like a pretty glitter. Especially a flake glitter.

Nubar 2010 is a gorgeous iridescent flakie glitter. It doesn't have as wide a range of colors to it as other flakies but it is lovely, nonetheless. 

It is a bit difficult to catch the colors on camera. Straight on, it's mostly a pink/fuschia color. From other angles, it takes on a yellow or green tint.

I love the combination of the Nubar 2010 over the OPI Tomorrow Never Dies. Though, Nubar 2010 looks great on many different colors. I mean, really though, when doesn't glitter make something better? Almost never. That's when.

Nighties! *Muah!*

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