Monday, April 20, 2015

Born Pretty Review

I'm back and I've got another Born Pretty Review to share! I'm super excited about this one because I got to try out one of their color change nail polishes!

*Disclaimer: I received this product in exchange for an honest review. All opinions are mine.

I've used color change nail polishes before (check out the posts here and here) but those were sunlight reactive polishes. This one changes based on temperature! I had a lot of fun with this one! On to the review!

Firstly, there are five colors to choose from. They don't have names but this one is #110. The photos on Born Pretty Store showed this to be a darker blue that turns to a brighter teal color. I found it to be a little opposite from that. My bottle was much lighter but I guess that all depends on the temperature, right?

I love this color. It's a gorgeous turquoise blue with a pretty shimmer. This is three coats with no topcoat. I probably could have done with one more thin coat because there was a very slightly visible nail line. The formula was good; pretty smooth application. It's a smidgen on the sheer side but I got good coverage in three coats and could have been opaque in four. It's not super shiny without a topcoat; I'd call it a little shinier than a satin finish. It still looks lovely. The drying time is decent. It was dry to the touch in about half an hour. That will obviously also change depending on the number and thickness of coats used. 

Being that it is a 6ml bottle, I was worried that I wouldn't like the brush; I don't usually care for the brushes in mini bottles. This brush was great, though. It's short, of course, but it's good and flat and not stiff. I spreads well which makes for easy, smooth coverage. 

Now for the fun part. I waited around an hour and a half to test the color changing just to make sure the polish was dry.

This is after about 10 seconds in hot water. The color gets significantly brighter. So pretty!

This is after about 10 seconds in ice water. It got a little darker than the original color.

This is both hot water and cold water. It's much easier to see the difference between the two colors here. 

I was a little disappointed in the cold temperature reactiveness, at first. I did find, however, that the color change was MUCH stronger the next day. The cold reaction turned the polish to an almost denim blue. When I was at work, my hands got a little cold and I got a lovely gradient effect with a dark tip. I was really pleased. The ladies at work were fascinated by my nails. 

As for lasting power of the color change effect, I wore this for a total of three days and it was still going strong when I removed it. As a matter of fact, the cold polish remover was darkening the polish as it removed it!

Overall, I love this polish. I had so much fun with it and I can't wait to see what fun designs I use this in!

You can check out these nail polishes and lots of other fun nail art products at the Born Pretty Store. If you see anything you like, be sure to use my coupon code (VWL91) for 10% off!

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