Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Color Changing

A couple weeks ago, I got two new Funky Fingers polishes. They are from the Solar Collection and they change colors in reaction to sunlight. Cool, right?! Unfortunately, I kept forgetting about them until it was too dark to try them out. On the rare occasion that I would remember, it was rainy and cloudy. Well, today it's sunny and I remembered! Whoo hoo! My only concern was whether or not a top coat would alter the color changing effect of the nail polish. So, for your viewing pleasure, I have not only created a pretty cool little manicure for you, but I've also compared between top coat and no top coat.

Firstly, what I did and with what products. The base color is Pure Ice Saddle Me Up. I used scotch tape to create the diagonal sections. The teal is Funky Fingers Partly Cloudy (That's the color changing one!) and the black is Sally Hansen Black Out.

 ^Indoors, without top coat
 ^Indoors, with top coat

 ^Outdoors (after 30 seconds), without top coat
 ^Outdoors (afer 30 seconds), with top coat

I was a little bummed that the top coat made the color not darken as much. Fret not! I went back out a while later and, as it turns out, the top coat merely causes the color changing process to take a bit longer. An extra 15 seconds and it was just as dark as the shot without topcoat. Phew!

The formula on this polish is the usual Funky Fingers formula. It's a bit streaky and uneven in one coat, but fantastic in two. I'm very happy with this purchase and I can't wait until the next sunny day so I can play with my other color changing polish! The best part? It's only $3! Go out and get one! Now! :)

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  1. They aren't always the most noticeable, but I think that a nail polish that changes color is the best nail polish. And I have to say that the diagonals on your nails look amazing!