Monday, November 17, 2014

Litte Miss Von Schweetz

The other day, I re-watched Wreck it Ralph. Today, I was looking for something to watch and there it was. Instead of looking harder and deciding on something else, I just watched it again. I tell you, every time I watch that movie, I love it more and more. And my favorite character has to be Vanellope Von Schweetz. She's so fun and spunky and SHE'S COVERED IN CANDY!!! So, when the movie started I decided to do some nail art inspired by Vanellope. While I watched the movie, I kept an eye out for Vanellope inspirations. By the time the movie ended, I knew exactly what I was going to do.

So, I'll break this down for you guys. Two nails (index and middle) are inspired by Vanellope's hair and the other three nails are parts of her outfit. 

We will start with the hair. I used a base of Sally Hansen Black Heart on my index and middle fingers. Once that dried, I used a fan brush to sweep across a little bit if NYC Matte Me Crazy to make it look a little more like hair. On my index finger, I placed random studs and rhinestones to mimic the candy and sprinkles in her hair. My middle finger is Princess Vanellope's hair so I painted her crown (Sally Hansen Twisted Pink over Sally Hansen White On) and used all pink studs and rhinestones. 

My ring finger and pinky are inspired by Vanellope's tights. One leg is white and teal diagonal stripes and the other leg is horizontal white, teal, and black stripes. The white is Sally Hansen White On, the black is Sally Hansen Black Heart and the teal is Julep Amy. I used striping tape to make the larger stripes and a striping brush for the black stripes.

My thumb is inspired by Vanellope's shoes. Her soles, to be exact. I only noticed them in one scene of the movie; her first scene. The treads of her shoes are swirled pink candy strips, which I thought were adorable!

Well, that about does it. I love this because it's just a great big mish-mosh of cute and color, like Vanellope Von Schweetz!!!

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