Monday, November 3, 2014


A few weeks ago, I came across something called Fuse Gelnamel at the store and it caught my eye. It's a diy all-in-one gel manicure system. That means that there is no base coat and no top coat. So, last week, I picked up the Fuse Starter Kit. I was very excited to try it out.

I love it! This is called Gone Fission. It's packed full of pink, silver, and pearlescent glitters. Because the gelnamel is significantly thicker than regular nail polish, the glitter coverage is really good. This is three coats, but you can get full coverage with two. Honestly, no matter what I did, my camera COULD NOT capture the gorgeous sparkle of this beauty!

The application is very very simple. The starter kit comes with a two-sided buffer, a cleanser, some lint-free cleansing pads, the gelnamel, and the LED curing lamp. All you do is (working one nail at a time) gently buff the nail, cleanse it with the pad soaked in the Fuse cleanser, apply a thin coat of gelnamel, place your finger in the lamp, and press the button. The lamp has a built in timer and, GET THIS!, it only takes 30 seconds a nail! After that, you just wipe it again with the cleanser. So quick and easy!

Now, supposedly, you can go chip free for days and days. I was skeptical; only because I use my hands a lot at work and I am very rough on my nails. When I'm not working, I can wear the same manicure for several days before a chip, depending on the polish I use. But at work, it only takes a couple of hours before I get some chips and by the end of the day, my nails are almost completely destroyed. So, I wore this over the weekend and to work today. Through Saturday and Sunday, I had not a single chip. After a day at work, I had a few very very very tiny chips on the tips and one great big one. Luckily, it was very easy to patch it with more gelnamel. We will see how my nails fare after another day of work. I'll probably remove it tomorrow, either way, because I'm itching for some nail art!

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