Monday, October 27, 2014

Spooky Stripes and Spots

I was digging through my polishes looking for an orange and a green to use for today's design. Then, it occurred to me that Julep's Wanderlust collection came with amazing shades of both! I pulled them out and knew they'd be perfect for today's Halloween manicure!

Initially, I wanted to do stripes. When I opened my drawer to get my striping tape, I saw my dotting tools sitting there. So, I changed my mind. But I knew my striping tape was looking at me longingly, So I decided to do both stripes and polka dots! Isn't compromise the best answer?

As I said, the base colors are from the Wanderlust collection by Julep. The orange is Kirti and the green is Tammi. I used Sally Hansen Black Heart for the stripes and polka dots.

I couldn't be more pleased with this! Aside from the fact that this mani screams Halloween (I LOVE HALLOWEEN!) without any cliche themes, orange is my favorite color with green being a close second AND polka dots and stripes make me so so so happy! I'll be so sad tomorrow when I have to take this off. :(

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