Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Stripes and Glitter

I was really feeling blue the other day. Not the sad blue, the color blue. I had a hankering to do some blue nail art so I rifled through my nail polish stash for some of my favorite blues. Then, I wanted glitter because...well, because I always want glitter. Hubby pointed out that I hadn't done stripes in a while so I grabbed my striping tape, too.

The two blues that I used are Julep Kristy and Funky Fingers Cyclone Sky. I love the way they look against each other. I used Kristy on my pinky, middle, and index finger. I used Cyclone Sky on my ring finger and thumb. The glitter I used (pinky and thumb) is Julep Geo. I carefully placed the striping tape on my ring finger and painted over it with Kristy. When I removed the tape, I had fun blue stripes! I didn't wait quite long enough before top coating so I got a little bit of smudging but nothing I can't live with.

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