Sunday, January 26, 2014


I may have been born in the mid 80s, but I fully consider myself a 90s kid. Obviously I was too young to really appreciate the 80s while they were still happening, but I love everything about the 90s. I have the top 250 hits of the 90s and I listen to it constantly. And Disney movies made in the 90s are some of the best. But one of my favorite things about the 90s were the shows! Cartoons, especially! One of those cartoons was Doug.

 I LOVED THAT SHOW! So, when I decided to do nail art inspired by 90s cartoons, I started with Doug!

I chose four of my favorite characters (from index to pinky); Skeeter, Doug, Porkchop, and Roger. Thanks to the super simple animation style of the show, this was very easy to do. I didn't use that many colors, either. Skeeter is Julep Robin, Doug is OPI Don't Pretzel My Buttons, and Porkchop is Zoya Kelly. The black is Sally Hansen Black Out and the white is BK Matt White. I had to mix colors to get the green right for Roger's face. It's still a little darker than I wanted but oh well. 

I just adore this and it makes me wish I could watch Doug right now! Does anyone else remember that show? What was your favorite 90s cartoon?

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