Monday, July 25, 2016

Neon Gradient

Boy, oh, boy! It's hot! It's in the 90s here in Michigan and it's just so darn humid! I guess the heat wouldn't be SO bad if it wasn't for the humidity. I work at 5am and when I walked outside this morning (at 4:45) it was well over 70 degrees and steamy. Like, almost sauna steamy! Ugh! 

I, personally, HATE summer weather. I don't like heat, I don't like being uncomfortable, and I don't like sweating because of the heat. 

Summer does, however, bring out my love of neons. I'm all about bright eye shadow and bright nails! I got an urge to throw on a neon gradient mani so that's just what I did.

Let me start off by saying that this mani is not nearly as washed out-looking in person. My crappy camera detests neons and no matter how I played around with settings and lightings, I couldn't get the colors to photograph well without making my skin look sickly and off. I opted to just let it go. It still looks pretty!

So, the gradient is done with Orly Fancy Fuschia and Essie Sunset Sneaks. I was going to leave it as it was but then I eyeballed Funky Fingers Saved by the Glitter (recently gifted to me by my bestie) and HAD to top it. I love them together. Love.

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