Sunday, November 22, 2015

Colorful Fall Splatter

There's so much snow outside! Well, it's only about a foot or so but I LOVE IT! So many people around here hate the snow but I turn into a giddy child when it snows.This is the first snowfall (other than a couple of early morning flurries) of the season and it's a good one!

Moving on to the nails, I've been leaning more toward darker, warmer colors for this time of year but now and then I still want something colorful. That's the case with these nails. For this design, hubby actually chose the splatter technique for me. I picked out some colors and went to town.

The base color is OPI Berlin There Done That. I used three colors to splatter with. OPI My Gecko Does Tricks (green), OPI Suzi & The Seven Dusseldorfs (purple), and Red Carpet Manicure Overnight Sensation (blue).

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