Sunday, April 2, 2017

Glitter Kitties

I snagged up a bunch of new polishes in March with a mini haul from Live Love Polish, a few from Target's own brand Defy & Inspired, my Julep Maven box, and some pretties from Sephora.

The Live Love Polish haul came from a gift card I got for my birthday and that gift card also come with some adorable cat-themed nail vinyls. So, I paired those vinyls up with some of my new polishes and got a cute, glittery kitty design. 

The burgundy color is Defy & Inspire Bridezilla and the deep teal is Fantasy Suite from the same brand. I only have a few polishes from this brand but I've been equally impressed with the formula on each and every one. Anyway, I did a couple of coats of Formula X Devious on my index finger for a glittery accent nail. After applying the cat vinyls to my middle and ring finger, I sponged Devious on for my sparkly kittens. When sponged on to full opacity, Devious almost doesn't even look like the same polish! But SO PRETTY either way!

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