Wednesday, April 5, 2017

Born Pretty Review

*I received this product in exchange for an honest review. All opinions are mine.

Today's review is of these loose round glitters which you can find here. You get 12 different colors and the glitters are 2mm in diameter. The first thing I noticed, and loved, is the range in colors. It is stated in the information for this product that there can be different colors included from batch to batch. Some of mine did differ from the ones shown. I received a matte white, black, red, navy blue, green, purple, fuchsia, pink, yellow, rose gold, gold, and holographic silver. 

For this design, I used a base color on every nail except for my index finger. The base is Sally Hansen White On. I did some simple semi-circles using the glitters on those nails. For my accent nail, to mimic the shapes on my other nails, I did a full glitter placement in semi circles. Each row of glitters is one color and the colors I used are black, purple, blue, fuchsia, and holographic silver. To place the glitters, I just like using the dampened pointy end of an orange wood stick. On the white nails, I just placed them onto the wet polish. Because I didn't use a base color on my index finger, I used some clear (not quick drying) topcoat. 

These glitters lay nice and flat on the nail which is something I appreciate. My biggest test, though, was whether or not the color would bleed when top coating. This is why I used a white base. They didn't bleed one bit! I've used glitters before that have left a streaky mess when a top coat was applied. That wasn't the case with these at all.

I can definitely see myself using these glitters over and over again. I love them! 

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